We are assembling a portfolio of investments in businesses with a strong competitive position that are focused on sustainable aquaculture and/or turn-key aquaculture technology.  They span the business lifecycle from early-stage start-ups to more established companies on the cusp of evolving to the next phase of commercial viability.  We are sensitive to creating the right mixture of the new and the more established in order to maintain an acceptable risk profile while producing a superior return on our investments.  

Approximately 60% of our investments will be made in local companies, enabling us to work along-side our partners and advisors.  But we know that the aquaculture industry is not limited to the Gulf of Maine, and for that reason we will reserve 40% of our investments for non-New England businesses in order to invest in very strong opportunities that may reside in other parts of the country. 


To have the best chance of selecting winning opportunities, we and our advisors will diligently review validated proofs of concept and business plans.  An idea is good, but it is better when it is accompanied by a business plan.  For later-stage companies looking for expansion funding, there should be a reasonable expectation of revenue growth based on financial performance thus far. All companies will have an experienced management team with a demonstrated financial interest in the firm's success.  

  • a strong and experienced management team which is financially committed to and rewarded by the company’s success;
  • a strong competitive position as a result of superior technology, innovative products, comparative cost advantage, established market position, significant barriers to entry and/or dominant distribution in its market;
  • with respect to expansion funding, a reasonable expectation of earnings growth based on past financial performance or a strong likelihood of new market success;


As impact investors, we strongly believe in the future of aquaculture.  Through our targeted investments we aim to support and expand aquaculture businesses, and the industry as a whole. We are committed to creating positive social, environmental and economic returns throughout the country, with a particular focus on our home turf, the Gulf of Maine.