Treetops is an impact investment manager.   We were founded in 2008, the year after the term “impact investing’’ was coined by the Rockefeller Foundation. True to the original intent, Treetops is committed to producing superior financial returns through our support of local businesses, while at the same time positively impacting local communities and the environment.  As impact investors we believe that our ability to improve human welfare and protect our planet depends on improving the quality and quantity of entrepreneurial activity across the globe.  


We are focused on three core areas:


Treetops is building an ecosystem of sustainable seafood production in the Gulf of Maine and the US more generally through investing in game changing technologies and sustainable practices.  Over 90% of US seafood is currently imported so developing local supply is another key goal.   


Treetops Capital invests in and operates agribusinesses  in Eastern Europe. One of our latest ventures is a mushroom compost company producing top-quality compost.  Prior to building this facility, Romanian mushroom growers were forced to import compost from long distances and at high costs.  


Treetops is a co-manager of the Gawa Fund, which invests in both debt and equity of microfinance institutions that serve micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses across Latin America, Asia, and Africa.


We believe that a key component of success is being close to the companies in which we invest. Our local management teams and advisors possess incredibly strong market knowledge, both of the regulatory environment as well the latest in technology developments. 


Our head office is located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in the heart of Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine.  We are surrounded by some of the finest research facilities and most experienced aquaculture experts in the world. 


Treetops has a sizeable local team in the markets in which it operates.  We invest where gaps exist that will be catalytic in changing a particular industry.  


The microfinance institutions in which the Gawa Fund invests are located in-country, close to the entrepreneurs they are serving.  Treetops has developed a network of experts it works with in the various countries in which it invests. 


Impacting investing is ...a higher kind of capitalism, where investors create social and economic value simultaneously...
— Michael Porter



Financial support is just one facet of Treetops' work. While each industry has its own unique set of challenges, every business owner faces the same hurdles of securing financing, ensuring adequate staffing, calculating cash flow, formulating business plans, etc. The Treetops' team has many decades of business experience to share with entrepreneurs as they navigate the road to success. 


Treetops' believes that impact goals should be measurable and reported to investors on a regular basis.  We customize impact metrics for a particular investment and/or fund. In addition, our investments are evaluated by the Global Impact Investing Ratings System (GIIRS), which helps investors and entrepreneurs to better understand the nature of the social and environmental impact created by each business in which we invest. 


Treetops' has managed investments on behalf of a wide spectrum of investors including family offices, endowments, private banks, fund of funds, foundations, high-net-worth individuals, etc.  We also work with governmental entities such as OPIC and the European Union, who support our sustainable agriculture initiatives in Eastern Europe. 


  • Selected as a “Top 50’’ Impact Investor for the fourth consecutive year by ImpactAssets. 
  • Consistently achieve targeted financial and impact goals. 
  • Obtained OPIC financing facility for innovative agribusiness fund.
  • Unlocked the market by establishing Romania's first mushroom compost facility which serves growers throughout the region. 
  • Early-round equity investor in India's top-performing microfinance institution
  • Equity investor in groundbreaking aquaculture ventures whose impact goals have been fulfilled.